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Welcome to the  Cannery District

A place for what’s now, and what’s next, the Cannery District is a beam of innovation, style, and doing things a little differently. 

Cannery District pays homage to the original buildings through thoughtful design, transitioning the structures into functional, modern iterations of what they were more than a century ago.

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Featured Dine & Drink

La Esquina

A true New York City rendezvous, staffed by a hardworking familia of artists, entertainers, writers and fighters, a cool mix of bohemian creatives adding extra texture to Esquina’s unfakeable authenticity.


Music discreetly rocks the house, and a thousand personal connections bloom, fueled by the sensual effects of extraordinary food, fine wines and high-spirited tequilas.

Our History

In 1912, the Bozeman Canning Company produced 75% of all peas in the United States.

In 2023, the Cannery District is a steward of the original buildings by transitioning the structures into a functional and modern version of what they were in 1918.

Live at the Cannery District

The mountains at your doorstep.

Explore the thoughtful amenities and spacious floor plans of the Cannery Flats located in the Cannery District.

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